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Employment boost for 2012:’s round up of all the latest Job Announcements this year


Smile: Jobs announcements have made us happier. New research, from the Economic and Social Research Unit, shows that consumer sentiment has jumped in the past few months, and it's all because of high profile employment boosts.

2012 has proved a promising year so far on the employment front; with an abundance of job announcements in a variety of sectors ranging from IT to Construction and Healthcare. Regions throughout the country availed of this jobs surge, and recruitment is currently underway for most of the positions.

As well as these individual announcements, the government recently unveiled a major scheme to create 200,000 jobs by 2020. The Action Plan on Jobs includes restructuring the country's enterprise agencies, helping more small businesses win big contracts and improving the performance of indigenous companies.Here's a round up of all the latest announcements from large Multinationals to small start-ups, from graduate positions to expert roles.


The IT sector saw a major enhancement in job vacancies in the past few months.

• At the beginning of March cloud computing company,, embraced 80 new tech jobs in Galway. They included engineering, IT support and professional services.

• In early January, it was announced that 100 jobs are to be created in IT consultancy firm Accenture. New roles will be available for graduates and experts in Java, SAP, cloud computing, mobility and workplace collaboration technologies.

• OpenJaw technologies, based in Glasnevin, which allows companies to place their services online, is expanding to create 45 new positions. Jan 16th.

 • Synset Global Solutions will be taking on a team of 30 in their centre in Carrickmines, as they provide information security and assurance services to clients worldwide. Jan 16th.

 • At the same time, Dutch IT company known as ATS international has taken over 'OceanModus' in Cork, to establish a new company; ATS Applied Tech Systems, and with it 20 new jobs. 

 • In early January, 300 jobs are expected to open at the Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre at UCD in the coming two years.

Customer Service / Call Centre

Call centre vacancies also saw a dramatic level of activity, with companies expanding and offering customer care and technical support overseas.

• In late February, PayPal declared it was to create up to 1,000 call centre jobs to help customers set up accounts worldwide. It has been rumored these jobs will be in Dundalk or Limerick, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

 • The creation of 800 jobs by Sky TV was announced at the end of January, as they create a call centre in Dublin city in August. Jobs on offer will range from customer service manager and adviser roles to training, coaching and HR positions.

• Enterprise Ireland has backed the announcement of 250 jobs for a new Call Centre in Waterford Eishtec, as the company expands to offer customer service sales support to Orange UK - Mid January.

• A further 30 positions have been created in Waterford by IT company Rigney Dolphin, who have begun recruiting recently. The new roles will be in clinical and support services.

Pharmaceutical / Science

Growth in the Pharmaceutical industry and the merging of multinational companies in 2012 is great news for Science graduates and those looking to work in this sector.

• At the end of February, a €330m investment in Global pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly & Co in Kinsale, Co. Cork created 200 graduate research and development positions. The new plant will spearhead the manufacture of next-generation bio-pharmaceutical products.

• In mid January US plant, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, merged with Irish Azur Pharma to establish a €2bn Enterprise headquartered in Dublin. A profusion of fresh positions were promised with this news.

• With the news that Ireland would now be the Botox capital of Europe also came the creation of 200 jobs. At the beginning of January, Pharmaceutical Giant Allergen, announced an expansion of €274m in Westport, Co. Mayo, due to the growing demand of its Botox product.


Even the construction industry, which has taken a dip in recent years, has had a string of very positive revelations in 2012.-

  • In mid-March, plans by the government to invest €1.5bn in a school building project and create 18,000 jobs, was unveiled. The project, which will build 157 new schools and add extensions to a further 118, was welcomed by the construction industry.
  • - At the end of February, a €330m investment to expand the pharmaceutical plant Eli Lilly & Co in Kinsale saw the creation of 300 construction jobs during the three year building phase.
  • - In mid-January, a new semi-state company, Irish Water, which manages domestic supplies, proclaimed it would be creating 2,000 jobs. As well as construction workers, openings will be created for engineers, quantity surveyors, technicians, plumbers and others.

Other sectors which benefited from growth were healthcare, sales, marketing, arts, hospitality and the public sector. 

- Do you like to doodle? Disney has enlisted the help of the Irish to create Ninth-Grade Ninjas. Boulder Media, in Dublin, will employ 30 staff to design and animate the new cartoon over the next two years.

 - The new Metropolitan Arts Centre opened in Belfast at the end of February and saw 1,700 applicants apply for the 79 jobs! Some stiff competition…

- Ryan Air is expanding its fleet across Europe, and confirmed 1,000 jobs at the end of January. The operator said it would be hiring pilots, cabin crew engineers, sales and marketing staff.

- The first civil-service recruitment campaign in over three years is seeking graduates in areas such as human resources, law, accountancy, economics, finance/banking and tax policy.

- Home care company Comfort Keepers is immediately seeking to recruit FETAC level five-trained carers in addition to care managers, HR administrators, qualified healthcare trainers and office coordinators, with jobs in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Clare, Galway, Kildare, Laois, Offaly, Wicklow, Wexford, Louth, Meath, Cavan and Monaghan.- Drachen Management yesterday announced the creation of 30 new jobs in the hospitality sector, as the hostel, Isaacs Hotel, in Dublin, is to open up again.

-Sandwich chain Subway announced it will create 6,000 jobs in the next three years - as it opens 6,000 new chains in the UK and Ireland.