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The flexible way to learn


What is eLearning?

This is an interactive, computer - based, way of learning, where participants with academic and industry experts, share information and a high level of interaction. Business lectures, current research and academic articles provide in-depth knowledge on business concepts, while core skills are developed through interactive case studies and self assessment exercises. Feedback is then provided directly to the learner, encouraging reflection on the learning; and challenging the learner's thinking and work style, to further develop their skills and capabilities.

Even though learners work from their own computers, in their own time, it is a very interactive learning environment.

Each course allows you to gain valuable insights into innovative ways of working, while learning at your own pace.

How it works?

Effective learning happens through interaction and collaboration - a dynamic, creative process that involves the exchange of ideas, not simply the accumulation of information.

In short, all you need a quiet space, a computer, internet access ( and the time you have available ) You then choose from our suite of courses listed below, depending on your career area, experience level and what you want to learn.

Whether you're preparing for a career change, a promotional opportunity, or just want to refresh your learning and knowledge bank, the flexibility of online learning will work for you.

How much time?

The great advantage of eLearning is the flexibility it gives you with your time, these courses typically require from about 6 to 15 hours each and if you choose to combine modules or courses for certification this can time commitment will range between 40 and 60 hours to complete, but by working in shorter intervals you can spend whatever time suits your circumstances. Please be aware that some of the certificate programmes do need completion within a defined time.